Matt Berninger’s brooding baritone filled the iconic Royal Festival Hall with quiet contemplation and yearning
12:44 23rd April 2019

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Ahead of new album I Am Easy To Find, alt-indie stalwarts The National summoned their dedicated fanbase once more to congregate on the bank of the Thames. Berninger’s literate lyrical content captured everyone’s attention whilst simultaneously lulling them into a dreamlike state as the band embraced more expansive and orchestral sounds. 

With a fanbase that engages many a demographic, The National’s broad appeal comes into play with their sound that envelops many a genre. The 2,700 cap venue was filled with their moody melodies that spans everything from indie rock, to chamber pop, to country-rock, and everything in between. 

The album orientated band opted for a minimalistic stage design, which lets the music step forward as the real focal point for the audience. Our photographer Patrick Gunning captured the night. View our gallery below:

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Photo: Patrick Gunning