Sparks fly at Fur’s Valentine's Show
Sarah Thomas
12:53 18th February 2019

Love is in the air at London’s Omeara, as heart-shaped balloons and foil cut-outs line the walls and ceiling of the intimate venue, straight out of a 1960s prom. Tonight marks the third night of Fur’s February tour, fittingly held on St.Valentine’s Day and the release day of their dazzling self-titled debut EP. As the band waltz on stage to a sold-out crowd, their sweet croons layer charmingly over swirling electric guitars, and it quickly becomes clear they’re the perfect fit for a romance-fuelled evening.

Hailing from Brighton, the quartet first made waves online with their track ‘Eyes’ and have since racked up millions of streams. Since their inception at a University Freshers Week the four-piece have gone onto sign with Nice Swan Records, also home to Sports Team and Pip Blom, and tour across the UK with Matt Maltese. Whilst the band are still in the early chapters of their career, they’ve already cultivated a loyal fanbase spanning across the globe situating them perfectly in the alt-indie sphere as they gear up for more releases.

From the surf-rock blues of ‘Not Enough’ to the infectious warbles on ‘If You Know That I’m Lonely’, each track entrances the crowd to sway to their lyricisms of love and heartache. “Who’s here in a couple? Who’s single?” queries lead singer Murray as a thunder of cheers respond, prompting him to turn into a matchmaker, “then there’s 100 potential soulmates here.” As the lights dim and the crowd grow still, a beautiful moment in the set throws the spotlight onto Murray and an acoustic guitar as he serenades with a ‘Love Song For No One’, his raspy vocals sounding powerful in his effortless falsetto.

In ode to the day of love, the band took to covering Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ to an audience of fans whom journeyed from as far as Mexico and Italy to proclaim their devotion. A mass sing-along erupted as the lights whirled softly and the audience fell that little bit harder for their dreamy soundscape. 

Closing the set with one last song as they joke, “we’re not really an encore band but you can chant for more if you want”, Murray grabs the rose from his mic stand and leaps into the crowd for ‘Angel Eyes’. The jangly dream-pop track charms the crowd into euphoria as the singer teases who he’ll give his rose to, making one fan his valentine for the night. Blissful “oohs” and a crash of the drums reverberate to close the danceable track and the band exit to the triumphant sound of an audience enchanted.

As the crowd spills out, they head straight to the merch stand which is no mean feat for indie bands to achieve in an age of free music, and are thanked by the guys who stop to pose for photos and sign copies of their EP. Whilst it may seem like part of the job, it’s all too often neglected when bands are on the cusp of their breakthrough. It’s fair to say Fur take care in every little thing they do, and the beautifully crafted sound that’s straddles the modern alternative sphere whilst harking back to the 1960s crooners is what makes this quartet one of the most exciting bands on the rise right now.

Photo: Lauren McDermott