It was 'Just That Time Of The Night'
17:28 14th February 2019

ISLAND enthralled the Islington Assembly Hall last night (13 February), rousing the borough from its midweek slumbers.

Frontman Rollo Doherty romanced the crowd with melodic vocals, uniting with bandmates Jack Raeder, James Wolfe and Toby Richards to produce an intense chorus of sound that was at times wistful and dreamy, whilst maintaining an atmospheric presence.

Songs embroidered with soulful yearnings formed a set that housed a diverse mixture of past hits, new tunes and older favourites like ‘The Day I Die’. Whilst maintaining their indie roots, ISLAND’s sound has evolved into something quite unique, evoking emotive images of the band standing isolated on an island itself, screaming their desperate, hopeful songs into the sea.

See our gallery from the show, below:

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Photo: Anoushka Khandwala