Some of the hottest acts of tomorrow, in one handy showcase
Yasmin Cowan
09:00 21st January 2019

2019 is gearing up to be a big year for music, especially in the realms of indie. Having lain dormant for a number of years, the scene has been bubbling under the surface and now it’s more than ready to explode. This year we see the return of some friendly faces and festival favourites from the golden age, but we’ve also been seeing an impressive wave of emerging talent who are putting indie firmly back on the map. The standard of these fresh faced and bushy tailed youngsters is enough to make any old timer quake in their boots as these newcomers are quickly rising up the ranks. Perhaps there is something in the water or maybe it’s the work of new music discovery platforms such as This Feeling working tirelessly to bring us some of the hottest acts of tomorrow…

This Feeling’s annual showcase of live acts touted as favourites to make it big descended on North London’s Nambucca for one night only. The infamous venue was packed with industry, fans and friends ready to find the next big thing. First up were the Swindon quartet, Getrz with their gritty garage rock sound and poppy punk pastiche. Local lads, Sad Boys Club, followed bringing some emo pop with 80s synths chucked in. Aside from obvious nods towards The Cure and The 1975, both aesthetically and musically, they manage to throw their own unique teenage angst into the mix with ripping guitar solos worthy of the big stage. Next up were The Estevans unleashing their raw and energetic rocking indie on the crowd. Lacuna Bloome threw it back with a distinctly 90s vibe, playing tunes that could have fitted on to any bygone teen movie soundtrack. 

And then we have Zuzu, the up and coming indie darling du jour, who was clearly the fan favourite of the night. Having graced countless emerging talent lists for this year, she didn’t fail to disappoint showing up the boys on how to seriously bring back guitar music. Perhaps slightly misplaced amongst the indie rockers were the old skool grunge gang, Hands Off Gretel. They may not have been everyone’s cup of tea but quite frankly, front-woman Lauren Tate couldn’t give less of a toss and that’s what makes them so enticing. 

Latenight Honeymoon lightened things up a bit with some buoyant indie pop, who prove they’ve got some catchy hooks to make them an ideal accompaniment to Jamie Laing bumbling around SW1 in Made in Chelsea. The night came to a close as Youth Killed It took to the stage. It was barely a minute in when their raucous indie punk had the entire floor breaking out into a mosh pit. These guys are brutally honest and amusing with their lyrics, wearing their heart on their sleeve. Keep your eyes peeling for these guys because whatever they get up to this year it’ll certainly be something interesting. 

Photo: James Polley