A triumphant precursor to their new album
Anna Smith
13:05 5th December 2018

It's almost three years to the day since Bring Me the Horizon last took to the stage at Ally Pally, and boy, has a lot changed since then. First and definitely foremost, Oli Sykes' hair. He's no longer the shaggy, baby faced frontman that graced the pages of Kerrang from 2006, documenting your hormonal teenage years and sitting in pride of place next to Gerard Way on your bedroom wall. He has transcended the realms of emo deity, and crossed over to become one of the most accessible poster boys for alternative rock since Pete Wentz did that video on How To Apply Guyliner.

The crowd in the room reflects the reach of Bring Me The Horizon's music, with ages ranging from young teen to middle aged, girls in Cannibal Corpse T-Shirts and guys in Ellesse jumpers with bumbags slung around their shoulders mingling, slightly repulsed by the sight of one another.

Strobe lighting and unfathomable amounts of dry ice shroud their entrance in mystery, whilst 'I Apologise If You Feel Something' is played over the speakers, the opening track from upcoming album Amo. 

Lots of screaming, confetti and CO2 cannons later, they break into 'Mantra', with the whole 10,000 venue screaming the soon-to-be-iconic opening line back to them, "Do you wanna start a cult with me?”

Sykes rarely stays still for more than a second, bursting with energy and using every possible corner of the stage and runway to command the crowd with his enchanting movements. Flowing effortlessly through the popular tracks from Sempiternal and That’s The Spirit, they take a moment to give a nod to their former selves with a raucous medley of ‘The Comedown’, ‘(I Used To Make Out With) Medusa’ and ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’, before plunging Alexandra Palace into an ice cold, heart felt acoustic rendition of ‘Drown’. 

Adorning the stage with the unicursal hexagram that has become synonymous with their live shows, and Encoring with ‘Doomed’ and ‘Throne’, they leave triumphant, ready to conquer again tomorrow night.

Photo: Anna Smith