Pure, unadulterated fuzz-pop fun
Ross McTaggart
20:46 24th November 2018

Dutch indie-pop outfit Pip Blom have been building a name for themselves of late with a string of coveted singles and some smart supports with the likes of Franz Ferdinand. Despite the simmering hype, they’re yet to release a full length album, and so this month sees them out on the road  to promote their most substantial pressing to date, four track EP, Paycheck.

It’s a sold out show at London’s Lexington which gives opening support band Haze, a four piece from Oxford, a decent crowd on which to unleash their fidgety post-punk. Definitely a band worth checking out for fans of fellow sleaze merchants, Shame and Fat White Family.

While Haze’s jerky, stop-start riffs might inspire some light hip-shaking, it’s down to Pip Blom to get the room bouncing with their power-chord driven pop.

For those who are brand new to the band, they’re a gleeful meld of fuzzy guitars and sweet, hooky melodies that neatly earworm into your brain and loop round your end for days on end long after you’ve stopped listening. Yes, they’ve borrowed extensive chapters from the loud-quiet pop playbook penned by the likes of Breeders and Nirvana, but Pip’s unique vocals (often semi-drawled and indiscernible) give them a distinct edge.

Their somewhat muted on-record sound comes to life with an extra bounce and punch that’s as infectious for the crowd as it is for the band, who hop and pogo in unison while grinning wildly at each other from song to song.

Latest single ‘Come Home’ is an instant slacker pop classic, and fan favourites ‘School’ and ‘Babies Are A Lie’ get the packed room head bopping en masse.

Tonight is pure, unadulterated fuzz-pop fun, and surely just the start of a journey towards bigger and better things for this Amsterdam band. Catch these guys quick before their low-fi vibe takes them on to higher planes.

Photo: Press