Kyle Meikle

13:03 12th June 2007
Husky Rescue’s ‘Caravan’ sounds pretty much exactly what you’d expect a Scandinavian five-piece holed up in a Helsinki mobile home to sound like— glacial, ethereal, and distantly sexy. Reeta-Leena Korhola coos should I stay or fade away? over tight high-hat and longing lap steel as shadows and echoes float on past— little surprise, since ‘Caravan’ finds it home on the band’s ‘Ghost Is Not Real’ LP. There’s an eerier edge to the track than anything on 2004’s ‘Country Falls’, and the same goes for b-side ‘Shadow Run’, a metronomic, moody number over which Korhola and Miika Lommi trade monotone vocals about shadow boys and girls. Best served chilled.      

Released 18/06/07 on Catskills Records