An unstoppable force best served with a Pina Colada
Yasmin Cowan
18:58 21st October 2018

Setting the chilled-out, happy tone for the evening, Cassia walked on stage to Bob Marley’s 'Could You Be Loved'. The boys were grinning from ear to ear and greeting the crowd like they were familiar faces. Their energy and giddiness was infectious, spreading like wildfire throughout venue. It felt as if you were back at school watching your best mates play, where no matter what they came out with, you’d still love it and have the time of your life. Needless to say, everything they played was lapped up by the entire room. Despite having only been around for a short time, the boys have already built up a community of adoring fans who flooded the room with an electric atmosphere.

They hit us with an upbeat reggae groove and some other danceable indie numbers, leaving you yearning for those hot summer days. Each sweet sounding melody blended seamlessly into the next, sending you in to a dream-like state where you could forget about your troubles and just enjoy the music. Fan-favourite, '100 Times Over' injected new energy into an already lively crowd who proceeded to form a mosh pit and get on each others’ shoulders. The trio and their tropical-flavoured, calypso rhythm slaps a grin on your face and puts a spring in your step and their mission to spread positivity and good vibes was well and truly achieved. The crowd could not get enough of it as they demanded, “one more song,” to which the boys more than happily obliged.

The last time Cassia graced The Garage was in the smaller room to a crowd of around 120 people, making this a landmark moment for the band. Rob Ellis, their affable but slightly cheeky frontman, was absolutely beaming with joy after having just played one of their biggest shows to date. Ellis, dizzied and overwhelmed by the success of how it all went down commented, “We want to make people happy. We want everybody to just have an amazing time.” With total disbelief in his eyes, he spoke about the gig, saying, "It was amazing, I’ve always wanted to play a gig like that and it actually happened.” 

Cassia are an utter delight to experience live as they bop along to their joyfully, jazzy guitar riffs and tangy afro-rock beats. The boys have incredible on-stage chemistry. Their genuine affection for each other and their excitement to be spreading positive vibes makes them all the more loveable. After their performance at the Garage, it is not hard to see why they have been dubbed as “one of the most exciting bands to come out [of their area] in years,” by Rob Adcock from BBC Music Introducing. 

Adding something fresh to the indie scene, and despite only having a few singles under their belt, they are already an unstoppable force. Cassia have arrived and no doubt, we will be seeing a lot of them. Now pass me a pina colada and get me to the beach.

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