Fresh from a string of dates around the UK, Stereo Honey took centre stage at a packed out Borderline
Luke Scanlan
16:52 5th October 2018

The Borderline is a brilliant venue. It is a place that boasts atmosphere enhancing low ceilings and a sense of no boundary between fans and bands which many London venues lack. Where it lets itself down is the sound, often an untidy reverb coming through the speakers up high.

Luckily Stereo Honey were on blistering form here: this was a performance to outweigh any obstacle.

Stereo Honey are as sweet as their name suggests, but without the sticky mess. They are clean, crisp and have an unparalleled liquidity to their songs. Each song provides something different whilst sliding into the next so seamlessly.

Seeing this band live is like that (annoying) word from GCSE English - bildungsroman. Each song builds and develops and has its own character. Synth and keys man Nicky Boiardi provides the power, acting as the magician that orchestrates the band into each tantalising crescendo.

Lead singer Pete Restrick lives every song. The emotion within them echoes through his voice and onstage persona. Nothing short of encapsulating. His voice is the oil that lubricates the cogs in the Stereo Honey machine, and the polish that makes it sparkle.

New material 'Icarus' and 'Don’t Speak' fit perfectly into the set alongside the better known 'Feels Like Heaven' and 'The Bay'. The crowd at The Borderline were treated by a slick set, and a truly immersive night. This is a special band, quite unlike a lot of acts out there right now.

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Photo: Lauren McDermott