Interpol and Onyx Collective have won this week. But stick around for the rest, as they aren’t slouches either.
Nick Roseblade
17:25 8th June 2018

Interpol and Onyx Collective have won this week. But stick around for the rest, as they aren’t slouches either.

Onyx Collective - 2AM at Veselka

Sometimes a song comes out that takes you by surprise, but it is exactly what you were after. ‘2AM at Veselka’ by Onyx Collective is that song. ‘2AM at Veselka’ is taken from the next instalment of their Lower East Suite saga. This jazz trio manage to combine elements of punk, jazz, rock with an avant garde leaning, to something that works equally well in a gritty house show, as well in a pristine museum. Onyx Collective could be the most important band out there at the moment.

Interpol - The Rover

Interpol have returned to save us from ourselves, with their strongest song in years. Well I think they have. Interpol are at their best when their message is vague, and slightly terrifying. Paul Banks and co, have been working on new album ‘Marauder’ since late 2016, with a break to tour the 15th anniversary of their flawless debut ‘Turn On the Bright Lights’. ‘The Rover’ is the first song from this fervoured activity. Featuring Daniel Kessler’s trademark intricate guitar work, and Banks’ despondent baritone vocals with a glimmer of hope. It marks a return to their dark and devastating best.

Mr. Yote-Crocodile Cartridges

Yoteland is real. Well, real in Mr. Yote imagination, and songs. It’s a land where all of his music takes place. So far we’ve heard the story of Scurvy Jones, Count Toro, Frank and Stein, but now Yote has unveiled ‘Crocodile Cartridges’. Featuring Yote’s trademark whimsical melodies, sparse beats and deep vocal delivery. This is what Gorillaz should be, but for whatever reason isn’t. “For those interested, that is yote on the cover. Random 1 off songs like these are under his character.” Yote said of ‘Crocodile Cartridges’ “He is me and we aren’t the next chapter. Just thought I’d clarify.” Well I’m glad we’ve got that sorted. After a few listens I’m still not sure where this all fits in Yoteland, but I’m chomping at the bit for the next full instalment.

Saltwater Sun - Hot Mess

After blistering set at this year’s, The Great Escape Saltwater Sun have released ‘Hot Mess’. A song that slowly burns through everything is comes in contact with until the final third when they just let go and everything gets a bit fuzzed out and shoegaze-y. Never a bad thing. Loosely ‘Hot Mess’ is about not taking yourself too seriously and just letting go, sage advice, but given frontwoman Jen Stearnes’ vocal delivery, it feels like advice you’d be a fool to ignore.

Tomberlin - Self Help

It’s hard to tell what’s the main event on Sarah Beth Tomberlin’s latest single ‘Self Help’. Is it the graceful guitar loops, floating vocals, or Tomberlin’s ability to craft a song that is dense in melodies, but feels light and airy. In all fairness it’s probably a mixture of all these, and more I haven’t even up picked up on yet. ‘Self Help’ is taken from Tomberlin’s debut album ‘At Weddings’. If this is an indication of what to expect we’re all in for a treat.

Ana Silvera - Circle of Chalk

Ana Silvera’s second album Oracles is, on the surface, a tough listen. It’s full of stories of heartbreak, loss and bereavement. However, when you start to listen to it, you realise that the wispy and intricate compositions are the perfect for the dark subject matter. ‘Circle of Chalk’ sounds like Tori Amos being produced by David Byrne. As Silvera’s vocals soar higher and higher, you momentary lose track of what she is singing about, then suddenly, you zone in a phrase and it becomes the centre of your world for a few minutes.

Aadae - Just Found Out

Peckham resident Aadae mixes traditional polyrhymthic Nigerian music, with contemporary pop motifs on new single ‘Just Found Out’. Opening with a jangling chime, laid-back electro-pop beats and chilled Italian house piano, if you think Debruit producing Bassette then you’re on the right tracks. ‘Just Found Out’ builds on from last year’s ‘Agape EP’, and shows a lyrical maturity belying her age. Written during a period of emotional upheaval ‘Just Found Out’ is a song of love, loss and redemption, but with enough pop sheen to keep the party going

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