Lee Glynn

11:56 15th May 2006
New York emo kids Taking Back Sunday release the first single from their major label debut ‘Louder Now’, and oh how deceiving it is. ‘MakeDamnSure’ is one hell of a tune yet misleading as to the position of the band now, as the catchiness of this brilliant tune is not reflected on the rest of their new travesty of an album. The raw power and screaming emotion of this track is impressive and cuts deep as the stand up and shout chorus and token self-deprecating lyrics remind of what the band are truly about, and help the band to hold on to the last pieces of emo cred that they have all but let slip through their fingers. ‘MakeDamnSure’ is a brilliant song with a goose bump inducing chorus and violently haunting guitar licks, and stands out on its own from ‘Louder Now’. Although possibly over polished and a little bit forced, it is still a beautifully crafted song that old fans will find solace in.