Micro-prog four piece ponder the pervasiveness of modern day debt
Jon Sparks

14:02 4th October 2017

Colour's latest bold step forward sees the self-proclaimed micro-prog four piece tackling a trauma of our time - debt.

'Minus' worries over the insidious pervasiveness of monetary woes in our times, woes felt and somehow ignored by everyone with a student loan, overdraft or credit card.

Bleak lyrical imagery of modern society's financial meat grinder is offset by glittering musicality and a knack for anthemic composition. File next to the likes of Everything Everything and Wild Beasts.

Rhythmically staccato and melodically retro in all the right ways, 'Minus' tells stories familiar enough to be welcomed by an audience who can spot themselves in its narrative, but is unforgivingly insightful and observant enough to make it a spiritually invigorating listen nonetheless.

Catch the band live at London's Notting Hill Arts Club on Oct 28th and Liverpool's EBGBS on Nov 1st.

Listen to 'Minus' here