Their Wembley show reviewed...
Andrew Trendell
10:56 16th June 2016

"This next song was written before many of you were born - when we started in a tiny pub in Camden," says Chris Martin introducing 'See You', as he gazes out into the vast corners of Wembley Stadium. East London never seemed so far away. "We'd like to dedicate this to everyone in Orlando, going through what you're going through."

The technicolor rainbow that lights up the iconic arches over Wembley shines ever more resplendent, as the lyrics about trying to retain your trust and stay close in the face of adversity land in a far more touching and literal sense than ever before. This is music in its most human form.

Therein lies the secret to Coldplay's success. This is not a night for musos. This is a night for the everyman. That's not to be patronising, but every song seems so ingrained in public consciousness and every spectacular flash and bang is on such a blockbuster level, that this feels more like an event of public celebration - like the Olympics, a royal parade or a World Cup match. 

That sense of occasion is heightened, as a video showing the course of their tour so far takes us from South America to Northern Europe and now to Wembley, stopping off in each country to show a gushing dedication from local fans. Coldplay are an international business, a global phenomenon. Tonight's a little more than business as usual, this is Wembley after all. As the hollering of love dies down after 'Yellow', Martin brims with a humble smile: "There's no place like home."

It's a perfectly balanced setlist for a stadium. There are moments aplenty for Martin to charge to the end of the gangway, call for response and crouch down to do that weird Bono-style cock-yer-leg thing. With all of that sandwiched between a handful of acoutic lullabies, and Tiesto-driven dance eruptions, and all lit by lasers and pyro, it's a thoroughly unifying experience - which becomes manifest as the crowd's wristbands light up, literally making us all one and part of the show. Coldplay know how to make thousands all feel like one. 

'Yellow', 'The Scientist', Clocks' and 'Paradise' are all howled back with the fervour of a football chant, before a refreshing moment of respite comes with the surprising highlight of 'Magic' - made to seem intimate in such a huge setting, performed with a raw-nerved tenderness. Make no mistake, this is probably the most artful, achingly beautiful and underrated track they have in their canon. 

From there on it all feels like a carnival. Pure abandon takes over for the unstoppable pop behmoth of 'Hymn For The Weekend' (no Beyonce was not in attendance - save that for Glastonbury), 'Fix You' tests London's falsetto skills with aplomb, and we're treated to a stripped back cover of David Bowie's 'Heroes' before the likes of 'Viva La Vida', 'Adventure Of A Lifetime', 'See You Soon' and 'Up&Up' inspire a bounce that lasts until the lights turn on. 

As well as showing gratitude to the fans for travelling to Wembley, Martin adds "thank you for putting up with all the shit you go through for liking Coldplay."

Say what you will about them, but this is their purpose - taking the thread launched by Oasis and U2 to put on a show for the masses. This is the world's biggest circus tent. It's all so familiar and strangely comforting, like watching Dad's Army or The Generation Game (the Brucie era, not Jim Davidson). If Radiohead are a Paul Thomas Anderson movie played out live, then Coldplay are very much Disney On Ice - and we can all enjoy Disney for the purpose that it serves; pure and direct sentimental entertainment. 

Coldplay played:
A Head Full of Dreams
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
The Scientist
Paradise (with Tiësto remix outro)
Midnight (Partial)
Charlie Brown
Hymn for the Weekend
Fix You (with "Midnight" excerpt in intro)
"Heroes" (David Bowie cover)
Viva la Vida
Adventure of a Lifetime
Kaleidoscope (extended)
In My Place
See You Soon (dedicated to the victims of the Orlando attack)
Amazing Day
A Sky Full of Stars

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