Those 50,000 petitioners don't know what they're talking about
gigwise intern
15:07 17th March 2015

When news broke last night that Kanye West will be headlining Glastonbury this year, a significant percentage of the internet exploded with shock and outrage. "You mean it's NOT a white male guitar band?" they cried, "It's a global superstar with seven massively successful albums and one more on the way?! We must alert the church elders!" We're paraphrasing here, but it was pretty much that.

Worry not though, we are here to put your fretting, panicked minds at rest. There are many reasons why Kanye West is, in fact, a bloody brilliant Glastonbury booking. His theatricality, his vast number of hits, the fact that he's never headlined before...

But if you're still not disgusted by the idea, breathe into a paper bag and remember that Foo Fighters are headlining too.