Salute Muse's absolute finest songs
Andrew Trendell
15:03 12th March 2015

Today's the day we get the first taster of Muse's hotly-anticipated new album, Drones. Expectations are high for where Muse will take their sound from here, but they've certainly already set the bar pretty high for themselves. 

From the Greek guitar noodling of 'Muscle Museum' to the electro-pop sweetness of 'Madness' via the breakneck fury of 'Hyper Music' and guitar classics like 'Plug In Baby', Muse have certainly covered a breadth of style to stay on top of their game, but which is best?

As we await to see if Muse can live up to their own legacy with 'Pscho' and the new material on Drones, here are their 17 best ever tracks - ranked in order of greatness.