From Nirvana and Queen to Millionaire
Andrew Trendell
14:43 9th March 2015

From the tender to the triumphant, the ballads to the bombastic, the classical to the cock rock, the sounds of Muse are many and extreme. Naturally, such an eclectic and eccentric band have a wealth of influences behind them. 

From the hard rock of Rage Against The Machine and Nirvana to the stadium-filling anthemics of Queen, Depeche Mode and Bowie (via the pure pop joy of Michael Jackson and Prince), Muse listen to pretty much everything - and it certainly seeps into their out-of-this world sound. 

So, as the Devonshire space rock trio prepare to return with seventh album, Drones, we take a look at 17 bands that had a massive impact on the sound of Muse.