Happy Birthday to the band's classic debut
Peter Kandunias

12:41 14th September 2014

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Arcade Fire’s Funeral is on nearly every publication’s list of best records from the past decade, and more often on the list of best records ever. We think it’s certainly their best album to date - and what better way to celebrate the Canadian rockers’ debut’s tenth birthday than to rank is tracks? 

In just ten years, the band have been seen to soar from height to height, selling out arenas all over the world, releasing three subsequent best-selling and award winning albums and headlining Glastonbury and Reading + Leeds in recent years. Here's a very Happy Birthday to one of the greatest debuts you're ever likely to hear. 

  • 10. Une annee sans lumiere - mellow and soft, 'Une annee sans lumiere' provides a nice rest from an otherwise emotionally draining yet highly compelling, classic record.

  • 9. Crown of Love - Arcade Fire's only explicit break-up song is one of the best break-up songs we've ever heard. Once again, make sure you're ready to get weep, sway and recover once you listen.

  • 8. Neighbourhood #4 (Kettles) - The most tender of the 'Neighbourhood' series that make up the centre-piece of the album, it may be the weakest of the four, but nonetheless an epic and arresting moment that most other bands would kill for.

  • 7. In The Backseat - Closing the album on a painfully sad tune, it comes as no surprise that an album named Funeral has explicit reference to death. However you might be feeling, if you put this track on, you're bound to start welling up.

  • 6. Haïti - Regine's tender song dedicated to her homecountry is destined to make you smile and hopefully urge you to become more aware of the goings on in countries such as Haiti. The band donate money from each ticket sold at their concerts to Haitian charities; we say you should donate a little more if you can. It truly is a great cause.

  • 5. Neighbourhood #2 (Laika) - More lo-fi and garage-sounding in terms of production, this is by far the most pertinent and aggressive sounding track on Funeral.

  • 4. Rebellion (Lies) - Sonically euphoric, 'Rebellion (Lies)' is the most danceable track on this record. Moreover, it will demand to be stuck in your head for weeks - let alone decade.

  • 3. Wake Up - A live favourite and often the last song of their set, 'Wake Up' is a song that you can chant at any time of day or night with an incredible message behind it, naturally. A bona fide alt-rock anthem.

  • 2. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) - Opening this seminal work, this track displays Arcade Fire's ability to develop a song gradually and in a bold fashion; with every second the passion intensifies on this song.

  • 1. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) - Though the forward-thinking don't often make their music pure rock music it often is best when it becomes that. This is an example of Arcade Fire being, at heart, a rock n' roll band. Make no mistake about that.

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