Because there's more to Notts than Jake Bugg + Robin Hood
Andrew Trendell
12:16 4th September 2014

Every so often, a lazy journalist will write that Jake Bugg is from Manchester, Sheffield or Liverpool - assuming that a massive act could never come from Nottingham. How incredibly ignorant and misguided they are. Nottingham is not only a hotbed for creativity at the moment, but home of the most exciting rising artists and bands around. 

It has everything that Manchester or Sheffield has but within the walking distance of a relatively small but eclectic city centre. From the sprawling world-within-a-world of Mansfield Road, the chic and boutique corners of Hockley or the historic monasticism of the Lace Market, Nottingham is a town where the old and new collide and blend in perfect harmony – where tradition lays the groundwork for upward thinking.

The music is no different, so please check out these 13 brilliant Notts acts that you need in your life.