From rubble to ritz, follow the long road from Sheffield to Finsbury Park
Andrew Trendell
12:34 16th May 2014

The time is almost upon us for Arctic Monkeys to grace the good fields of Finsbury Park in London and deliver two historic shows to over 80,000 fans. Make no mistake, they stand to be nothing less than monumental - but they're just the latest in a long line of landmark gigs for Alex Turner and co. 

From their days as four spotty Sheffield youngsters banging out White Stripes covers, to the Glastonbury-headlining rock and roll behemoths that they are today, the unstoppable rise of the Arctic Monkeys has been checkpointed by truly unforgettable and bewilderingly significant shows. 

If you were at any of these gigs, then you're very lucky indeed. Here are the 16 most most important landmark gigs of Arctic Monkeys career so far.