From Mercury and Bowie to Homme and Bellamy
Andrew Trendell
10:01 12th May 2014

12 May, 2014: Today marks 47 years since The Jimi Hendrix Experience released their seminal debut album, Are You Experienced? Little did they know how it would change the face of rock, pop and culture for generations to come. 

It's a true tragedy that Hendrix only lived to the age of 27, and released just four albums during his short lifetime and career. Despite all of that, the reach of his influence can still be felt today - with his initimitable, voice, style, talent and passion continuing to inspire generation after generation of artists. 

From giants and legends like David Bowie, Robert Smith and Freddie Mercury to more modern game-changers like Matt Bellamy, Dave Grohl and Josh Homme, Hendrix continues to prove himself a muse. On the birthday of one of the greatest guitarists and showman of modern times, here are just 14 of the countless artists inspired by Jimi Hendrix.