Haim, Muse, Metallica & more - the best in rock
Andrew Trendell

13:02 30th April 2014

The bass guitar is a magical instrument. Hidden with the deep tones of its four strings are not only the sounds to hold a band together and send a crowd into fevered dance or trance, but also the power the totally possess whoever's playing it. This demonic possession has many symptoms, most notably: the 'bass face'. 

The bass face can take many forms: sheer ecstasy, baffling rage, confused bewilderment or something totally inexplicable. Either way, you know it when you see it. 

Some bassists have become legends for their facial expressions as much as their playing. We've had a think about our favourite bassists with the most awesome mugs to bring you the 11 best bass faces in music. 


  • Flea - proof that too much funk can cause facial paralysis

  • Metallica's Rob Trujillo has either sat on himself or let one go

  • We're pleased to see you too, Lemmy


  • Toothpicks weren't punk enough for Sid Vicious

  • Bootsy Collins sees his reflection, after years of dressing in the dark

  • Jared Followill looks pretty uncomfortable. Maybe his sex really is on fire.

  • There there, Sting - not everyone thinks you're a pompous burk. We think you're alright.

  • Nicky Wire's just seen someone using his private portaloo

  • Pucker up for Muse's Chris Wolstenholme, although your mother always warned you about kissing men with a 'tasche like that

  • All hail Este Haim - true Queen of the Bass Face

Photo: WENN/Splash