Lana Del Rey? Foo Fighters? Likely contenders
Michael Baggs

11:43 9th April 2014

Beyonce pulled a blinder on everyone at the end of 2013 when she dropped her self-titled album on iTunes without telling anyone that she had not only recorded a 14 track record in secret, she had also filmed 17 music videos to go with it. Secrecy is the new hype, and other artists know it.

It was recently revealed that iTunes were lining up another 'surprise' release, and there are a number of possible bands and artists who have been out of the spotlight, busy on new material, that we reckon could be getting ready to 'pull a Beyonce' on us. The likes of Lana Del Rey, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran have already discussed their new work, while silence from the likes of M83 and Emeli Sande has got us feeling suspicious.

These are the artists we reckon could be lining up a surprise new album release. Prepare to wake up to something very exciting, very soon...

  • Adele: Never underestimate the power of Adele. The London singer has shifted about a gazillion albums but has remained quiet since the release of her massive-selling second record 21 three years ago. Having registered a new song called 'Devil On My Shoulder' on music licensing website ASCAP in January, it seems new material is imminent - and if there's anyone who could potentially match the hype Beyonce's surprise album stirred up, it's her.

  • Justice: Despite only releasing 2 records, the French electronic duo are one of the most enigmatic and iconic acts in the world of dance. It's been three years since their last album, and a surprise release would most certainly cause a stir - as long as it's as good as Cross.

  • Ed Sheeran, x: Say what you like about Sheeran, he's got a LOT of fans. The singer shifted a shedload of copies of his debut album , released in 2011, and is now adored the world over [mainly by One Direction fans, mind]. His second album x is due for release in 2014, but details surrounding the record have been scarce - could a surprise release be on the cards?

  • Noel Gallagher: Oasis are never, ever getting back together (probably) so we now turn our attention to the best of the Gallagher brothers, Noel. He's supposedly working on a solo album, which longtime pal and associate Mark Coyle described as "exciting as Definitely Maybe". That's great and all, but we'd rather Noel try his hand at stand up comedy after seeing his hilarious DVD commentary of Oasis' videos.

  • Kanye West: Rumours of a follow up to Yeezus have been floating around for a while now, and whilst there's been no official confirmation, we reckon dropping an album completely unexpectedly is very much Kanye's style. He can take tips from Beyonce on how to do it properly.

  • M83: M83: It took five albums for M83 to get the attention so richly deserved by Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau, but they did it in epic style with their 2011 release, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. The duo have now built up a cult fanbase, and we reckon a surprise album would really take their career to the next level.

  • Friendly Fires: : Ed MacFarlane and co haven't released any new music since 2011's Pala. It was a fine record, but failed to make the impression of their self-titled debut. A surprise album could be just the thing to get the band's career back on track - it'd be a shame to lose them.

  • Emeli Sande: Having been virtually omnipresent in the months following the release of her hit debut Our Version of Events, Emeli has, wisely, been laying low in recent times. There's no word on when to expect a follow up, but considering it's been two years since new material from the singer, the time is surely drawing near.

  • Foo Fighters: Dave Grohl and co haven't been keeping details of their forthcoming record quiet, with Grohl dubbing it "awesome and explosive". What would be even more explosive, however, would be if they released it as a surprise - eight albums in, you've got to keep things fresh somehow.

  • Lana Del Rey, Ultraviolence: This would make perfect sense. Lana's fanbase is massive, and her audience is desperate to hear her second record. A poster campaign has begun, and new music has been teased, but it would be 'so Lana' to drop the record on iTunes without warning, back away, and let internet hysteria do the rest...

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