Career highlights of the Green Day frontman
Andrew Trendell
11:38 17th February 2014

17 February, 2014: Today is the day that Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong celebrates his 42nd birthday. Happy Birthday Billie Joe.

From chaotic and sweaty toilet club gigs in the late 1980s to headlining festivals and selling out stadiums, Billie Joe has captained the good ship Green Day through decades of ups and downs and history-changing moments in music. But he's much more than just the singer in one of the world's biggest bands - he's a pop punk icon. 

It takes more than just selling records to become an icon - you need the right spirit, attitude, behaviour and more in order to gain legend status. So, as Billie Joe blows out 42 candles on a punk rock cake, we take a look at 16 reaons why he's such an icon.