Wigs! Nudity! Obscure references to art!
Gaby Whitehill
11:33 29th January 2014

Lady Gaga has this week announced that she will be taking her artRAVE tour to the UK and Europe, we thought we'd sit down and have a nice big think about WTF will happen at the shows.

Gaga's hardly known for being shy and retiring, and it's fair to say ARTPOP is her most bonkers album yet - so the live shows in support of the record will be quite something. Even popping out to the shops turns into some kind of performance art for Gaga, so we can expect artRAVE to be spectacularly mad.

Here are 8 things we reckon will happen during the shows: featuring wigs, pigs and flying clothing.

  • 1. So. Many. Wigs: With the amount of faux hair she places on her bonce on a regular basis, we reckon Gaga's wigs will need their own jumbo jet. She's done dreadlocks, bobs, and even gone brown, so where can she go next? An afro? A mohawk? Bald? The possibilities are endless.

  • 2. An emotional outburst mid-set about her creativity being stifled: Poor old Gaga has had a rather tough time of late, and she's taken to her fan site Little Monsters to wax lyrical about those close to her who have completely fucked up the success of ARTPOP. Yep, we expect a dramatic monologue about 2/3 of the way through the show. THERE WILL BE TEARS.

  • 3. Some kind of flying clothing: Gaga celebrated the launch of ARTPOP in typically understated style - she debuted the world's first flying dress, Volantis. Obviously, she has to top this for her artRAVE tour so the question is: what WILL she make fly next? A hat? Her shoes? Her underwear? Who knows, quite frankly.

  • 4. Nakedness: Alongside her new ARTPOP tracks, Gaga debuted her bottom at London's G-A-Y back in October 2013. She'll sure to continue to make us feel bad about not doing 20 squats a day when she inevitably strips off during her artRAVE shows.

  • 5. Obscure references to art: The album's called ARTPOP and the tour is dubbed artRAVE so we can imagine the show itself will possibly be like a zany exhibition - with some rather good pop music playing. If she could bring that massive Jeff Koons sculpture that adorns the cover of ARTPOP over that would be pretty good, actually.

  • 6. Heartfelt piano rendition: There's always one piano ballad on a Gaga album - 'Dope' on ARTPOP, 'You and I' on Born This Way, and 'Brown Eyes' on the Fame, so typically the singer will have a bash at the piano keys during her sets, and it's always a rather lovely moment.

  • 7. Pigs and mermaids: Back at her iTunes festival concert in September 2013, Gaga encouraged fans to dress with these two very different themes in mind in homage to two of her ARTPOP tracks, 'Swine' and 'Venus'. It's certainly an interesting look.

  • 8. A special appearance from…?: ARTPOP isn't exactly a feature-heavy record; TI, Too $hort and Twista feature on 'Jewels N' Drugs', R Kelly lends his vocals to 'Do What U Want' and that's pretty much it. However, with the new Christina Aguilera-assisted version of 'Do What U Want', could we see a special appearance from the warbly-voiced singer?

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