Legal wrangling appears to be over at last
gigwise intern
10:44 14th November 2013

The long-awaited biopic about the life of Tupac Shakur is set to start filming in 2014, after seemingly endless disputes the rights stalled the project for over three years.

There was a reception at The Zanzibar in Santa Monica on Thursday 7 November, at which producer Randall Emmett announced that filming on the story of the hip-hop icon is due to start rolling in early 2014. The event was hosted by production company and financial backers Emmett, Furla, Oasis Films and Morgan Creek.

Watch Tupac's video for 'Ghetto Gospel' below

In 2011, the film looked set to start production before a bitter legal better between Morgan Creek and Tupac's mother Afeni Shaku delayed the film until now. With those issues now thankfully resolved, the cameras can now finally start rolling.

Apart from the filming dates, precious little else is known about the production. The man who will take on the role of the iconic rapper is still yet to be confirmed. Whoever it is will have a gargantuan task, as if they don't get it right they're set to make a lot of people very angry.

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