ARTPOP is out today and the fans are on high alert
Edward Keeble
12:37 11th November 2013

Lady Gaga's long-awaited ARTPOP album is out now, and has been met with a mixed reception from critics that has settled overwhelmingly on a so-so verdict.

In some ways this is the worst that could have happened as it fails to set anything alight, merely promoting a detachment between Lady Gaga's lofty claims of "art" and her generic pop music.

In reaction to the negative press Gaga has been receiving the Little Monsters have been out in force, hitting back at critics of Gaga and ARTPOP with appropriate force, dismissing all bad press as the works of 'haters' or simply, Perez Hilton.

Here are some of the comments to be found on reviews of ARTPOP. They just won't take 'meh' for an answer...