Oh you're famous are you? Please sing about it
Edward Keeble
11:50 23rd October 2013

It has to be difficult being an artist: dealing with the fame, maintaining your public image and all the other things we as the general public don't identify with.

Now the tone here isn't sarcasm, it really must be hard but it so often leads an artist astray to the point they lose focus of why they became popular in the first place. Subsequently they fail to connect to the audience around them on any other level than a cosmetic one - resulting in albums packed with self-indulgent lyrics about wealth, fame and success which no one but the wealthy, famous and successful can relate to.

Sometimes however time just takes its toll. An artist reliant on their youth and shock value for example has set their own timer in this regard and will scrape the barrell sooner than they would like. So without further ado, here are 9 artists who appear to have nothing of importance left to say...

  • Jay Z: Sorry Jay but you've lost the common touch, harping on about how hard it is being famous on 'Holy Grail', does nothing but inspire yawning. Sample lyrics? "This fame hurt but this chain works / I think back you asked the same persom / If this is all you had to deal with / nigga deal with, this shit ain't work / This light work, camera snapping, my eyes hurt"

  • Justin Timberlake: Talking of 'Holy Grail' what's up with JT lately, all he seems to talk about is being fly and himself. Even on 'Mirrors' where he is talking about loving a girl he's actually talking about himself. Sample lyrics? "It's like you're my mirror / My mirror staring back at me / I couldn't get any bigger"

  • Lady Gaga: Where do we begin? 2013 single 'Applause' is purely and simply about her love of the limelight and how the work she is producing is 'art'. It's not. Especially not if you tell everyone it is. Sample lyrics? "Pop culture was in art, now art's in pop culture in me / I live for the applause, applause, applause / I live for the applause-plause / Live for the applause-plause"

  • Kanye West: You saw this one coming right, Yeezy bigging up himself is nothing new (and maybe that's his point) but it is getting very boring - as heard in Yeezus track, 'I'm A God'. Sample lyrics? "I am a god / So hurry up with my damn massage / In a French-ass restaurant /Hurry up with my damn croissants /I am a god / I am a god /I am a god"

  • Robbie Williams: Recently presented with Q Awards' icon title, we're sorry, we don't really agree. Certainly not on the strength of his recent output. Sample lyrics? "Spitting at the paps, looking rude in the news / Oh yes, you're still rocking with the best / Second person in my year to have touched a breast / I'm nearly forty now and I'm still impressed"

  • Beyonce: The heady heights of fame are just too much for some artists, and she may have run out of man bashing lyrics. So what now? Like on 'Bow Down' just talk about how awesome you are. Sample lyrics? "Bow down bitches, bow bow down bitches / Bow down bitches, bow bow down bitches / H-town vicious, h-h-town vicious / I%u2019m so crown, bow bow down bitches"

  • Liam Gallagher: We love Oasis and they made their mark but Liam is like a reminder of everything bad about the Brit-pop era when we should be remembering it fondly. A bit like a hangover, if you will. Sample lyrics? "I'm not doin' what I'm told / Well it freaks them mama / You know I can't be bought and sold / I'm gonna stand the test of time / Like Beatles and Stones"

  • Britney Spears: She may be a bit of an easy target but what is the relevance of Britney anymore? She's no longer a teenager and the car crash years are over. It's time to send Britney home. New single 'Work Bitch' sounds like something Jack Torrence may have penned in The Shining. Sample lyrics? "Work, work, work, work/Work, work, work, work/Work, work, work, work/Work, work, work, work"

  • Madonna: The world seems to agree on this one. Madge doesn't do anything anymore other than talk about things she doesn't do because she's too old - and seemed to admit it on MDNA album track 'Love Spent'. Sample lyrics? 'Nothing left / Nothing left / Nothing left / Nothing left