Oh you're famous are you? Please sing about it

10:50 23rd October 2013

It has to be difficult being an artist: dealing with the fame, maintaining your public image and all the other things we as the general public don't identify with.

Now the tone here isn't sarcasm, it really must be hard but it so often leads an artist astray to the point they lose focus of why they became popular in the first place. Subsequently they fail to connect to the audience around them on any other level than a cosmetic one - resulting in albums packed with self-indulgent lyrics about wealth, fame and success which no one but the wealthy, famous and successful can relate to.

Sometimes however time just takes its toll. An artist reliant on their youth and shock value for example has set their own timer in this regard and will scrape the barrell sooner than they would like. So without further ado, here are 9 artists who appear to have nothing of importance left to say...