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Michael Baggs

09:55 11th June 2013

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Kanye West's new album will be released without any album artwork. This is a shame, because it means the rap superstar will not get to personally illustrate the thinking behind the album title, Yeezus.

Fortunately, a load of talented designers have done the job for him.

Following a recent search for designs for a potential Daft Punk tour, design website 99designs has invited its talented community to create some stunning pieces of artwork for one of the year's most eagerly anticipated releases - with one of the bravest, if most underwhelming, presentation in 2013.

From cartoon bars enjoying a last supper to angelic stuffed toys descending onto adoring subjects to an illuminated pair of hi-tops - check out the brilliant designs for Yeezus right here.

Visit 99designs to see more entries.

  • Designed by: Koesnoel80

  • Designed by: Nlight

  • Designed by: Danilo Pejkovic

  • Designed by: RC-Designz

  • Designed by: Poto.nuche

  • Designed by: Ludografik

  • Designed by: Tomislavvidacek

  • Designed by: Zeustronic

  • Designed by: SteveReinhart

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Photo: 99 Designs / various