New book reveals singer's childhood struggle with parent's separation
michael baggs
08:54 12th May 2013

A new book about Amy Winehouse's troubled early years claim that the singer smoked her first spliff aged ten, while struggling to cope with her parents' break up.

Amy Winehouse: The Untold Story, by Chloe Govan, reveals shocking revelations such as the first time Amy attempted to commit suicide aged just ten and less than a year after Mitch Winehouse left her mother Janis for another woman known as 'Daddy's work wife'.

The book claims that the star, who battled drink and drug addiction for most of her life, fell into a spiral a self-harming and overdosing at a young age which led to a friend finding Amy collapsed and foaming at the mouth from which she eventually recovered.

A friend said: “Amy went through a lot of pain at her parents’ separation.

“She might have put on a front like she didn’t care but to her, seeing her father leave her for another woman was the ultimate abandonment.

“By ten she’d had her first spliff and, in some people’s eyes, was already on a road to ruin.”

The book also looks into the volatile reltionship with Blake Fielder-Civil who reportedly saw Amy's music career as a threat and would get extremely jealous.  

According to a friend, "music was the other man in Amy’s relationship and it drove Blake insane with jealousy.

"He was terrified of losing her to someone in showbiz and saw her career as a bit of a threat.

“He was afraid that one day Amy would see him as a good-for-nothing guy and chuck him out of her life.

“If she was off her head on drugs, there was less chance of that happening. So some might say he was trying to sabotage her singing career."

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