Woman has been obsessed with star for three years
michael baggs
11:23 6th May 2013

Led Zeppelin star Robert Plant has been forced to seek a restraining order, after a female fan began to believe she was in a relationship with the rock legend.

The stalker - who is named in official documents as Alysson Billings - has apparently been stalking Plant for three years, as she believes they are in a relationship, but the behaviour has become more dangerous since Plant started dating folk musician Patty Griffin.

Billings has been trailing Plant around the world, as well as sending him messages and packages including hotel keys. Plant has brought in a professional security assessment team according to the documents, who have agreed that he could be in danger.

Some of the messages from Billings say, "your betrayal with another woman still stabs my mind," and "I’m telling you that rotten crotch is ruining you."

Another message reads, "This woman is literally evil for you and your life. You are about to fall for that dirty old crotch. And I’m not joking, I cannot, will not, shall not live this way any more."

According to the Mirror, a source close to Plant said, "The messages have been going on for three years, but ever since Robert started dating Patty, what started as a harmless infatuation has turned very sinister."

Robert Plant with Patty Griffin in New York last year

Plant confirmed his relationship with Griffin in 2012 and the pair moved in together in Texas, after touring together in 2010.

He recently featured in the video for her single 'Ohio', which showed them singing together.

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