Fans praises star's choice to honour religion
michael baggs
10:00 3rd May 2013

Justin Bieber spaused his gig in Istanbul, Turkey, last night (2 May, 2013) to allow Muslim fans to pray.

According to E! Online, Bieber took two breaks in the concert so that his Muslim fans could honour Azan, which is a call to prayer that traditionally happens five times a day - two of those taking places during the time that Bieber's gig was going on.

The 'Baby' singer was performing at Istanbul's ITU stadium, and made sure to show respect to the religious concert-goers - who later took to Twitter in order to praise the star's decision to do so.

One fan wrote on Twitter, "The fact that Justin Bieber stopped his show in Turkey for the adhan when Muslim artists don't even do that is really commendable," with another saying, " I just gain a lot of respect for justin bieber after hearing that he stopped his concert twice to honor muslim prayer."

Bieber later posted on the social networking site, "Turkey was right. 4 more shows to go. Dubai is next. #believetour"

Bieber stopped his concert twice in order to allow Muslim fans to pray

The young star's tour bus was recently raided, with Swedish police finding drugs and an unlicensed stun gun on board.

However, no one was charged as there wasn't anyone on board at the time. Stockholm County Police Press Officer Kjell Lengren told Celebuzz, "Justin will not be questioned because no one was on the bus when we searched it. So you don’t know who to press charges against."

He added, "As far as I know there is no further case."

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