Band hit the heights to promote new album
michael baggs
09:12 16th April 2013

15 April 2013: Fall Out Boy are going up in the world - quite literally. The returning US stars headed to the 86th floor of the Empire State Building this week to promote new album Save Rock And Roll.

The band have come under fire from critics who say that their music is not rock and roll, but Fall Out Boy have responded saying that rock is the 'bastard child' of blues and jazz, and that it's not about keeping to the rules.

"I think the whole 'save rock and roll' thing and the whole idea of genres - I mean, part of it is that we're challenging that, because - define it," Patrick Stump told Gigwise, in an exclusive interview. "If you get ten people in a room and define rock and roll, all ten of them are going to have completely different answers. Kind of the point is that it shouldn't be in this box and it shouldn't have all these silly rules.

Whatever rock and roll is in 2013, Fall Out Boy are set for big things with their new album. Quite how this photoshoot will help is uncertain. See photos of Fall Out Boy riding high at the Empire State Building here