Nile Rogers to Pharrell and Julian Casablancas? A who's who of Random Access Memories
Adam Tait

11:49 5th April 2013

Anticipation ahead of the release of Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories continues to build, with fans frantically speculating over what the new record might offer.

As with anything Daft Punk, it's important to take this with a massive pinch of salt, but a new list of collaborations on the new album seems generally believable - due to many of the producers and musicians named having been previously confirmed as having worked on the record.

Some names, like Nile Rodgers, are no surprise and others, like Julian Casablancas, have been rumoured for a while. But some of the names on the list are a little more obscure, like session guiatrist Paul Jackson Jr, or songwriter Paul Williams.

Check out details of all the apparent collaborators on the new Daft Punk album, provided that this isn't another red herring...


  • Nile Rodgers (tracks 1, 6 & 8)- Rogers is best known for his work with Chic, who propelled disco into the musical mainstream in the 70s and early 80s.

  • Paul Jackson Jr. (track 1) - A fusion/urban jazz composer, arranger and producer, Jackson is a hugely accomplished session guitarist, working on Michael Jackson's biggest albums and with people like Whitney Houston and Elton John.

  • Giorgio Moroder (track 3) - Best known for his production work with disco legend Donna Summer, Moroder has also worked on songs for David Bowie, Bonnie Tyler and Blondie.

  • Gonzales (track 4) - A Grammy-nominated, Canadian contemporary composer, Gonzales is best known for his first MC and electro albums. He regularly collaborates with fellow Canadians Peaches, Mocky and Feist.

  • Julian Casablancas (track 5) - The well known and near-iconic frontman of The Strokes, Casablancas has previously worked with French dance act Digitalism on their track 'Forest Gump'.

  • Pharrell Williams (track 6 & 8) - One of the most in demand producers in the world, Pharrell Wlliams need little introduction. He's spawned countless hits and appears on a multitude of stars' albums.

  • Paul Williams (track 7 & 9) - An Academy Award-winning American songwriter, composer, musician and actor, Williams is best known for songs he wrote for David Bowie and The Carpenters, as well his contributions to films like A Star Is Born and The Muppet Movie

  • Todd Edwards (track 11) - An American house and garage producer, Edwards has worked with Daft Punk before, co-producing and singing on 'Face To Face' on Discovery, which went to No. 1.

  • Noah Benjamin Lennox (Panda Bear) (track 12) - A founding member of experimental group Animal Collectivem, Lennox has also released solo material as Panda Bear. He's worked with a wide range of musicians, including Ducktails and Zomby.

  • DJ Falcon (track 13) - A French DJ and producer, DJ Falcon has worked with Daft Punk's Thomas Banglater in the past, with whom he formed the group Together and released the house classic, 'So Much Love To Give'.

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