Is it over already? It's been a busy one...
michael baggs
15:10 31st January 2013

January's coming to an end, and what a beginning to the year it's been! Technically 2013 is only just getting started, and we've already been on a rollercoaster ride when it comes to news - both good and bad.

Some of our favourite artists have hinted, teased and - rarely - confirmed various events. We've got albums to look forward to this year that we wouldn't even have dared to imagine, and the amount of rumours flying around about live gigs are getting out of control.

Glastonbury looks set to make a triumphant return, and the festival season is really hotting up with announcements from Bestival, Primavera and Coachella. Plus, some up and comers are really giving us reason to look out for them.

So if you can't remember the month, just take a look through our gallery to refresh your memory...