Our predictions for Fleetwood Mac live shows
michael baggs
11:34 30th January 2013

With the news of an upcoming Fleetwood Mac UK tour, fans and music-lovers alike are starting to whip up a frenzy of excitement. And no wonder - this is only the band's third tour in ten years, so it's an opportunity not to be missed.

With so much mystery surrounding them, it's not surprising that people are starting to wonder what exactly to expect from the band. Well, wonder no longer - because we've rounded up ten of the things that you're likely to see at a Fleetwood Mac concert, just to get you that little bit more excited.

From onstage antics to setlist hints, we've got just enough to ramp up the anticipation without spoiling the whole thing - as if that could happen. So in between refreshing for ticket news and listening non-stop to Rumours, you might as well take a look through our gallery...