The year of reinvention! Who's back for 2013?
michael baggs
12:51 14th January 2013

Look around. Do the big artists of 2013 so far seem a little familar? This year is set to be the year of the comeback, with David Bowie and Justin Timberlake causing the most headlines with their returns to the music world.

The best part, so far, is that it's not all talk. These musicians aren't just sitting around talking about a comeback; we've already got new songs to make playlists with on our iTunes while we anticipate the forthcoming albums and tours, and whatever else they deign fit to share with us.

While Justin Timberlake may be taking the nostalgia thing just a little too far by sharing his new single on MySpace (stop trying to make MySpace happen! We're past the days of arranging Top 8s and answering surveys in bulletins, JT), and we're ignoring ITV2's The Big Reunion, overall it's quite a good start to the year.

So from Bowie to Sugababes - sorry, we mean MKS - take a look through our gallery to know what to expect in 2013...