Which heterosexual stars have revealed a gay side?
michael baggs
13:53 14th December 2012

Gene Simmons is usually known for his love of ladies - but we were shocked when we learned he had propositioned Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington after the pair met at a US event.

The US nu-metal survivors have spoken of meeting the famously heterosexual star, who revealed that under certain circumstances, he would happily have sex with frontman Chester Bennington.

"So the first time I met Gene Simmons, I was like 'whoa, that’s Gene Simmons. He’s like right here,'" says Bennington in an interview with US radio station KROQ. "So I went over and introduced myself.

"He grabs me by the shoulders, and he says, 'you are a powerful and talented young man.' He's staring at me in my eyes and says, 'if we were in prison, I would make love to you.' I was like, 'oh.'

Bandmate Mike Shinoda confirmed he tale, adding: "Shannon was in the background like, 'He would. He will make love to you'," speaking of Shannon Tweet, Simmon's longtime partner.

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