Who else has slammed their record label?
michael baggs
09:57 25th September 2012

Marina Diamandis has told fans that they will have to wait to see her new music video as her label have decided that she looks too 'ugly' in the version they saw.

The outspoken comments surround the video for 'How To Be A Heartbreaker' and would appear to be directed at Marina's label 679 Recordings, though they have denied being responsible, suggesting that the bigger label Warners may have made the demand.

Posting on Twitter yesterday (Sept 24), Marina wrote: "So, someone at my record label wont let me release the video bc I look ugly in it apparently + we need more $ / time to paint out ugly parts," she tweeted.

Adding: "The video will be out end of the week. If not, I am happy to leak the 'minger' version for my fans."

After receiving abuse from Marina's fans online, 679 wrote to say: "(for the record, we think M's a babe @marinasdiamondswasn't our decision, stop sending death threats, etc etc)"

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