Revealed: The most illegally downloaded artists in UK cities
David Renshaw
13:46 17th September 2012

The illegal downloading habits of UK residents were revealed today, with worrying details of MP3 pirates made public. And they sure do like a lot of Ed Sheeran...

Most worried, (or should that be flattered perhaps?), will be Ed Sheeran who was revealed by the MusicMetric figures to have his album '+' downloaded illegally around 55,000 times a month.

However, it was the locations tool which intrigued us the most. Simply bash in a postcode and you can find out which artist is most regularly downloaded for free in your area. Simple.

So, we have done just that for all the major towns and cities we could think of. Clearly, with the aforementioned stats in mind, Ed Sheeran was number one in a lot so in that case we have gone for the second highest ranked artist. Also, as London is so big we went for the areas with the most identifiable characteristics - Essex, Chelsea and Shoreditch.

Who is popular in your neck of the woods? Take a look through the pictures to find out now.