Chris Brown, parody videos, boybands and more music world quirks we want banished
David Renshaw
10:48 14th September 2012

Like the rest of the world, Chris Brown really got on our nerves this week when he showed off his spectacularly offensive new tattoo. 'Wow', we thought, 'If only we could ban him from the music world, everything would be a bit better.'

That has led us here, a run down of ten things we want to get rid of, from little irritants to massive and unavoidable idiots like Brown.

There is hope of getting our way however, with X Factor judge Louis Walsh predicting the demise of the TV talent show, apparently saying: "I think it may end after one more year. I think the tenth season could be it. " We can but hope.

So, check out what we out in our list and let us know what you would banish from the music world in the comments below.