Whoops my clothes fell off and I posted the photo online
Grace Carroll

13:00 9th August 2012

It was once the ultimate embarassment - naked photos leaking online was once enough to shame a star, but now they are all queuing up to bare all on Twitter.

Lady Gaga is well known for her attention grabbing antics, but more and more stars seem to be following in her footsteps, with the likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna and even UK artists such as The Midnight Beast getting their kit off for a bit of publicity for their art.

The 'Born This Way' singer posted her latest naked snap the other day, lounging in a pool with her boyfriend - as you do - but who else has also bared all through choice? Leaked photos aside, Katy Perry, Rihanna and Dappy (yes, really) are amongst the stars who have gone all the way.

Take a look through our gallery to find the best and the worst...

  • The Midnight Beast: Stefan Abingdon of The Midnight Beast posted this photo of himself after getting to 100,000 followers on Twitter. His modesty was covered by just a simple sock... And we hope no one ended up wearing that later.

  • Lady Gaga: Ah, Gaga - so many naked photos to choose from! We went for this one - nice and simple. Because who doesn''t get naked on a chair and ask someone to take a photo of them? Come on, we''ve all been there...

  • Dappy: Although it was originally said that one of Dappy''s ex-girlfriends leaked this photo, the N-Dubz star later said that he did it himself after seeing the success of Chris Brown''s leaked photos. The said ex apparently described him as "legs like a chicken but hung like a tripod." Oo-er.

  • Lenny Kravitz: This photo of Lenny Kravitz almost feels like it should be art. Definitely the classiest photo on the list, this black and white snap was posted on the singer''s Twitter account. More stars should take a leaf out of his book!

  • Katy Perry: We''re not quite sure just what emotion Katy Perry was trying to evoke with this Twitter picture, but honestly? It just made us hungry. Especially with the hot weather lately, getting naked with some pizza seems like a really nice idea. Thanks, Katy!

  • Amanda Palmer: No stranger to getting naked, Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls posted a whole gallery of similar naked photos. The images were an attempt to protest against her record label removing images from her ''Leeds United'' music video as they believed her stomach looked too fat.

  • Bat For Lashes: Natasha Khan ran into some problems when she used a naked photo for her latest album cover. Although she was trying to present a minimal image, the main comments seemed to be saying she didn''t look attractive enough. Oh dear...

  • McFly: McFly seem to take every opportunity to get naked. After promising that they''d post a naked photo if bandmate Harry Judd won Strictly Come Dancing, the boys didn''t back down on their promises. Danny Jones had also posted a nude photo earlier when Dougie Poynter won I''m A Celebrity. Maybe they should find a better way of celebrating in future.

  • Hayley Williams, Paramore: It''s still not entirely clear what happened with Hayley Williams, but it''s thought that she accidentally uploaded this photo to her Twitter account instead of sending it to someone. Even though she didn''t mean to do it, she wasn''t hacked and technically did it herself, so we''re going to include her anyway. Sorry Hayley!

  • Rihanna: Finally, Rihanna - we all knew she was going to be on here! The Barbados born singer seems to hate wearing clothes, and we would too if we had a body like that. She posted this photo from the ''Where Have You Been'' video set, but it''s just one in a long line of body baring snaps.

Photo: Twitter