All the facts on Talk That Talk follow up
Grace Carroll

14:45 30th July 2012

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Rumours are rife about Rihanna's follow up to 2011's 'Talk That Talk.' Since confirming that she's back in the studio, she's been reported to have worked with almost everyone - and we've got no idea how she'd have time!

From cover songs to lurrrve songs, from rumoured producers to what sound she might be following on her next album release, we've rounded up all the evidence we can find and presented it here for you to take a look through. Is she working with Labrinth? Will she sing about her rekindled relationship with Chris Brown? Find out here.

So check out our gallery and find out everything we know about Rihanna's new album...

  • Rihanna will work with David Guetta: The latest news is that Rihanna is hooking up with French DJ David Guetta - and no, we don''t mean like that. Guetta and Rihanna have worked together previously on ''Who''s That Chick?'' and, according to producer Sean Garrett, they''re back in the studio. He added to the Daily Star, "It''s a great mish-mash of genres."

  • Rihanna might also work with Ne-Yo, Labrinth and Fazer: David Guetta isn''t the only one contributing to Rihanna''s new album though - reportedly she''s also working with Ne-Yo, Labrinth and N-Dubz star Fazer. Ne-Yo is the only one to have confirmed he''s been in the studio with Rihanna though - the rest remain to be confirmed.

  • How might the album sound?: Okay, so Rihanna hasn''t said exactly what that sound is yet, but she''s definitely working on it. Speaking to Capital FM, the ''We Found Love'' singer said: "Right now we''re working on collecting and creating the sound first before we even start working on the lyrical direction or melodies. I kind of have an idea though, and it''s very rough right now. So I%u2019m very eager to start that." We''re very eager to hear it!

  • Is she working with British producer Burns?: Rihanna is ALSO said to be working with UK dance producer Burns, as Rihanna is said to have spent time in the studio with the producer when she was in the city for her Hackney Weekend performance. So it''s worth wondering if her new stuff will sound anything like his track, ''Lies'' - described as shimmering synths mixed with a marching drumroll and some seriously menacing beats.

  • It''s been a short recording process!: Seeing as Rihanna released her last album in November of 2011, we''re desperately hoping that she won''t be rushing this new one. Take your time, Rihanna! Eager as we may be, we also hear that good things come to those who wait.

  • It won''t be full of love songs: It''s a safe bet that the new album won''t be sappy ballad after sappy ballad - because Rihanna recently told Harper''s Bazaar that her lovelife is "pretty much non-existent."

  • Will she sing about Chris Brown: For all her ''non-existent lovelife'', Rihanna has recently sparked rumours of a Chris Brown reconciliation after sources told Us Weekly that she''d had a secret party with him on her yacht. Could this be a new influence to her sound?

  • Cheeky cover songs: Finally, reports of Rihanna becoming a karaoke queen leads us to wonder if there might be a couple of cover songs on there! While holidaying recently on a yacht, Rihanna rocked out with the karaoke machine, even asking some of the staff to join her. Not bad work if you can get it!

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