Gary Barlow confirms album will be influenced by experiences on the road
David Renshaw
10:04 23rd May 2012

Take That are set to release a new album in 2013, the group's mastermind, Gary Barlow, has revealed.

The hugely succesful band are taking this year off work with Barlow focusing on charity work as well as his position on The X Factor. However, he is planning the next step for Take That and has been inspired by the travelling he has done on his recent trips abroad.

“The new album will probably be next year. Everyone’s had their year off and we’re looking forward to it,” Barlow told the Daily Star.

Adding: “Your location exposes you to music you wouldn’t normally hear. When I lived in America for a year I came back with a whole different view on how music should be.

“Think how limited we are to what we listen to. I listen between Capital, Heart and Radio 1 and that’s about it for me. Then you get to Sydney and get in a cab and go: ‘What’s this?’ It gets the old Shazam going.”

Take That's next album will be their first without Robbie Williams since he departed the band to return to his solo career in 2011.

Below: Take That live

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