From Mick Jagger's sex discount to Tulisa's tape - music's best sex stories
michael baggs
14:35 17th May 2012

A new, unoffcial biography claims that The Rolling Stone's Mick Jagger would 'negotiate with prositutes' to ensure cheap'services' from sex workers.

Described as a notorious penny pincher and prostitute-haggler with in Debra Sharon Davis' book 'Backstage Pass VIP', Jagger's sexual saving skills is far from the least shocking rock and roll sex story in music history. In fact, saving a few pennies by paying less for sex is positively tame compared to some of the stories we've heard and the things we've seen...

From Led Zeppelin and their infamous orgy involving a dead shark - (yes, a shark!) to the rather grim Tulisa sex-tape, everyone's at it - and some of these are pretty weird.

So, along with Mick Jagger's hooker haggling, check out our pick of the strangest rock and roll scandals...