From Aretha to Rihanna - check out the greatest women of soul and R&B
michael baggs
11:58 29th March 2012

This week, soul Queen Aretha Franklin turned 70. She also announced she would be releasing a new album, having reunited with Clive Davis, the man responsible for her early work and rise to fame.

Aretha inspired a generation of artists, and despite being a million miles from the thrusting and grinding of the likes of Rihanna, her legacy can still be seen in modern day soul and R&B artists.

Including early soul stars such as Nina Simone, Patti Labelle and Etta James to their 2012 counterparts - such as Beyonce, Adele and Amy Winehouse, check out some of the biggest and best women of soul and R&B, from Aretha to Rihanna...