She may be a superstar, but the Queen of Pop doesn't always have a way with words
Michael Baggs

11:15 27th March 2012

Madonna knows her way around a pop tune, and she's usually got a good ear for a producer, but when it comes to writing lyrics, she can sometimes be way off the mark.

New album 'MDNA' is no exception. Sure, the album title is a clever pun on not only her name but the club culture she has embraced with this dance-heavy album but it's probably the album's finest word-based moment. Some of the lyrics on 'MDNA' are toe-curlingly poor...

We've rounded up some of the most embarassing lyrics penned for Madonna's latest album. If you hear any more howlers on 'MDNA', make sure you let us know.

  • 'Girl Gone Wild' - "The room is spinning / It must be the tanqueray / I'm about to go astray / My inhibition's gone away."

  • 'I'm Addicted' - "Now that your name / Pumps like the blood in my veins / Pulse through my body / igniting my mind / It’s like MDNA and that’s OK."

  • 'Some Girls' - "Some girls got an attitude / Fake tits and a nasty mood / Hot shit when she's in the loop."

  • 'I Don't Give A' - "Gotta Get My Stockings On / Meet The Press / Buy The Dress / All of this to impress / Ride my horse / break some bones / Take it down a semitone."

  • 'Give Me All Your Luvin' - "Give me all your love and give me your love / Give me all your love today / Give me all your / Love and give me your love / Let’s forget about time / And dance our lives away."

  • 'Superstar' - "You can have the keys to my car / i'll play you a song on my guitar / ooh la la you're my superstar / I like the way you are."

  • 'I'm A Sinner' - "Hail mary, full of grace / Get down on your knees and pray / Jesus Christ, hanging on the cross / Died for our sins, it’s such a loss/"

  • 'Masterpiece' - "If you were the Mona Lisa / You'd be hanging in the Louvre / Everyone would come to see you /You'd be impossible to move."

  • 'Love Spent' - "You had all of me, you wanted more / You had married me if I were poor / Yes if I was your treasury / You’d have found a time to treasure me."

  • 'Beautiful Killer' - "Cause you’re a beautiful killer With a beautiful face / A beautiful killer and you won’t leave a trace / Do you know the reasons why you are a beautiful killer / Hurt yourself but you never die You are a beautiful killer."

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