The trial comes to an end...

09:43 30th November 2011

November 29 2011 - Yesterday marked the end of the long and arduous Michael Jackson trial, ending with the conviction and sentencing of Conrad Murray. After much deliberation Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter by judge Michael Pastor.

The sentence handed down to Murray was a four year stretch at LA County Jail as opposed to state prison. This is a result of overcrowding which also means that it is likely the doctor will serve only half of his sentence.

When sentencing Murray, Pastor told the court: "I find that Dr Murray abandoned his patient who was trusting him; his patient was vulnerable under those circumstances, having been administrated potentially dangerous drugs by his medical provider."

Speaking of Murray's sentence, Michael's mother said: "Four years is not enough for someone's son. It won't bring him back but at least he got the maximum."