Gigwise looks back at the singer's video...
Holly Frith
11:23 18th November 2011

Lady Gaga unveiled the video teaser for new single 'Marry The Night' last night (November 17) a week before scheduled.

Gaga appears in the video teaser with brown hair being wheeled through an old-fashioned hospital on a bed by two nurses.

Over her short career Gaga certainly has not been pigeon holed, with each of her videos exploring a number of concepts, styles and looks.

From the Madonna vogue-inspired 'Alejandro' to joining Beyonce in 'Telephone' as a modern day 'Thelma And Louise'.

To celebrate the release of 'You And I', Gigwise has rounded-up some of Gaga's best videos and looks.

You can see the countdown below. Also included is 'Born This Way', 'Poker Face' and 'Judas'