In conjunction with creator Toby Whithouse...
Alex Winehouse

15:15 4th October 2011

The BBC's supernatural drama Being Human is to be turned into a Facebook game.

Zodiak Active have created the free-to-play title, which features role-playing and social elements, supported by in-game micro-transactions for virtual goods.

Creator Toby Whithouse has helped developed the game, with other scriptwriters from the show creating dialogue and storylines.

Zodiak Active's senior vice president Edward Humphrey said in a statement: "The Being Human social game will build upon the creative inspiration of the TV drama and allow players to take the roles of vampire, werewolf and ghost in compelling new storylines that they will play, rather than watch.

"The game is a mix of exploration, combat and problem-solving that immerses users into an intriguing world of supernatural creatures that exist just beyond the surface of everyday life."

Touchpaper Television's managing director Rob Pursey added: "The game takes Being Human into a whole new dimension. It's been a genuine creative collaboration with Zodiak Active, so I'm confident that fans of the show will really warm to it.2

Being Human returns to the BBC in 2012.

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