We round up the others...
jason gregory
12:21 26th September 2011

When Steel Panther coined the title for their new album 'Balls Out', there were many album covers the band could have come up with.

But we weren't expecting them to draft in a scantily clad woman and get her to dangle two metal balls between her legs – or maybe we were.

The band's artwork got Gigwise thinking about some of the sexiest album covers of all time.

In our list of some of the best below, you'll find artwork from the likes of Limp Bizkit, The Rolling Stones, Madonna, Katy Perry and Red Hot Chili Peppers - it seems no artist is averse to posing provocatively, or at least putting some more of sexuality into their album covers.

Can you think of any more? Post your suggestions in the comment form below - Facebook users can comment straight away.